Justice for Move to Heaven and Taxi Driver in the 58th Baeksang Awards

I was heartbroken when I saw the nominees of the 58th Baeksang Awards. Move to Heaven and Taxi Driver were not on the list. Story-wise and performance-wise, these two dramas deserve recognition in South Korea’s biggest award giving body for film and TV shows. As a fan of Korean drama and award shows, it felt like a robbery.

Best Korean Dramas of 2021

We at Hanadulses have curated from the long list of K-Dramas released in 2021 the best of the best (from what we have seen) based on the most interesting narratives, ability to stimulate powerful cathartic responses, great thematic elements, dramas that made us feel alive, and stories that touch on some of the most pressing social issues and human conflicts. This list is narrowed down into the 10 best K-dramas of 2021. It’s quite a short list for all the amazing stories we have seen so far, we know, but this is a curated list where only the best stories made the cut. We actually felt sad to eliminate some dramas we have loved. But to produce the best K-dramas of 2021, limiting the list is just paramount.