K-Drama Review: Mouse

The emotional ballistics of Mouse has finally come to an end. I was shocked, pained, emotionally wrought but very satisfied. I couldn’t ask for a better ending and how the showrunners wrapped-up the story. From the employment of the uniquely framed poetic justice for the main character to how the rest of the characters were given the hope and peace to move forward.

K-Drama “Mouse” and How it Betrayed Me

I thought I had it all figured out. I was certain to some degree as to how this drama will play out with the remaining episodes it still has to air. But just when I thought the narrative would show Jung Bareum triumph over the supposed control of Sung Yohan’s frontal lobe with the latter’s consciousness, episode 15 thwarted all that with some shocking revelations; and just like that, I was betrayed. I felt so cheated.

“Mouse” Explained: What We Know for Sure

With six episodes already aired, this drama is seriously giving its viewers a heart attack. The cat and mouse chase that this series is serving is so good that you certainly don’t want to miss how the plot unfolds with every episode. With almost halfway through the series, there are revelations worth mentioning albeit the motive question I have posed in my First Impression is still unanswered…

First Impressions on “Mouse”

“Mouse” tackles the intricate minds of psychopaths and how they pose dangers in society. What makes this premise more interesting was the concept of the psychopathic genes that are said to exist in psychopaths and how this biological deviation creates the serial killers that roam amidst us…