The BTS Trap and I’m all for it

World Domination. Words that would certainly describe the path that BTS has carved in the music industry. From the astounding album sales, epic performances in the music scene’s biggest stages- talk about MTV VMAs, Billboard Music Awards and the Grammys to the historical feat of ruling Billboard Hot 100 with their all English single Dynamite, BTS has proven that cultural and language barriers can be overcome with the universal qualities of music. Their fandom known as ARMY spans across different continents and different countries all unified in their appreciation and perhaps devotion to the 7 boys who started very humbly from a small company in Bangtan. Truly, they are living proofs that humble beginnings can go way way far and that genuine dreams will get you the stars.


BTS’ Dynamite Concept Photo (Photo from WeVerse)


It was in 2017 when I became a fan. I was watching the daily top ten of MYX (Philippine’s Music Channel) at that time and was waiting for the number one song to be played and to my shock it was BTS with Mic Drop. Apparently, the song has been ruling in the MYX charts for days since its release at that time. I got curious. I mean, at that time I was thinking, how can a Korean song rule our charts or that how can it beat other foreign artists on the chart at that time? And so, to answer my questions, I researched them and during the course of that research I ended up downloading some of the MVs of their songs namely, Dope, Save Me, DNA, Not Today, Spring Day (which is my all-time favorite), Fake Love, and of course Mic Drop. Whenever I have a free time at work, I would constantly play their music videos. So to speak, I got charmed, I got trapped with the BTS magic and I don’t want to get out.



At first, it was their powerful and intense routines that really got me hooked. But, as years go by and as I discover them even more, it wasn’t just about their talent anymore but how they are as persons. From a plethora of K-pop artists I know, they are the most genuine, funny, humble and hardworking artists out there. Their personalities magnetized me making me love them even more; not to mention the beauty and power of their lyrics. The metaphorical beauty of their lyrics are really thought of. The songs are truly intentional and not just some random sound to gain views, streams or clout. They have evolved into using their artistry and platform to reach out to people experiencing downtimes, sadness, and depression. The Love Yourself series is one perfect example. RM (Kim Namjoon) the group’s leader even emphasized to the fans in one of their concerts abroad that it is our “mission to define our way to love ourselves”. He went on to saying that it seems that he is using the ARMY for him to love himself and so he urged the fans to use him, to use BTS for them to love themselves. He even studied Philosophy just so he can write better lyrics. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. Jin’s Epiphany beautifully captures the ‘Love Yourself’ message with the lines:


I’m the one I should love in this world.
Shining me, precious soul of mine.
I finally realized so I love me
Not so perfect but so beautiful
I’m the one I should love.

Everytime I listen to this song I tear-up. I get emotional. The message of self- love is just beautiful that’s why it irks me to hear non K-pop fans to say that BTS songs are trash because clearly they know nothing about BTS’s body of work.


BTS’ Debut song “No More Dream


It’s been three years since that Mic Drop turning point and I am not stopping. Their music has really helped me get through some hard times; just seeing them perform lift my spirits. They make me smile. They make me happy. Such is their reach and magic. From here onwards, I know that I will be an ARMY through and through. I am happily trapped in this magic that is BTS.


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