BTS BE Album Unboxing: First K-Pop album and K-Pop Merch

Being a BTS stan for years now, it has always been my dream to purchase and own an album or any merchandise from them. For years since I knew about them and their body of work, I can only watch with longing with a tinge of envy towards other fans who are doing their own unboxing and posting pictures with their BTS merch purchases. I had other priorities before and purchasing a K-Pop merchandise much more an album seemed such a luxury. However, time has been good and it seems that the universe has finally conspired for me to achieve this simple wish; so when Big Hit Entertainment announced last October that fans can do the pre-order in Amazon and in Weverse (the official platform for all artists under the Big Hit Label) I immediately downloaded the Amazon app, signed-up and started looking for the store that sells the album. I already have the Weverse app but the Weverse shop does not ship here in the Philippines, so I chose Amazon.


I found the store with a high Amazon rating and good feedback from buyers. It’s Atoz Merchant from South Korea. The album costs $59.98 + $19.99 for the shipping and handling fee so in total the whole purchase was $79.99. It’s a big amount of money but the happiness it brought me from the purchase time alone was beyond. I cannot explain the joy I felt when I finally placed the order. It was my first Amazon purchase and my first BTS album; in fact, it’s my first K-Pop merchandise.


The joy I felt during the purchase process was replaced with apprehension and agony- the agony of waiting for the product to arrive. I constantly checked my Amazon app to track the item. I was worried that what if the logistics system won’t be able to locate the address I had input or the item might get lost or something. I had all those thoughts while waiting (I am sure some of you can relate since the item is from overseas) until I received a call from FedEx telling me that the parcel is on the way to my address. To cut the story short, the parcel arrived last December 9, 2020. It wasn’t even me who received the parcel because I was at my cousin’s place and was just about to go home. It was my sister who received the item and informed me about it through our group chat. I screamed when I read her message. I felt ecstatic! We immediately filmed an unboxing video and here we are…


What’s Inside:

1 CD
1 photobook
1 making book
1 poster
1 lyric paper
1 photo frame
9 photo cards
2 polaroid photo cards (V and RM)
2 plastic photo cards (RM and BTS)
7 postcards




BTS BE poster, Photo Book, photo frame containing the CD inside, and the Making Book


9 photocards


2 polaroid photocards – I got Nam Joon and Tae Hyung! and 2 Dynamite photocards


7 postcards are also included which can be inserted into the photo frame to make it an album cover



I am still over the moon. I never thought that something like this could give me so much happiness. This is a blog history for us and we wanted to share this happiness to people that as you read and watch the video, the universe will conspire for you too in buying your first K-Pop merch in the future. This is our first but definitely not the last. Enjoy! and see you in the next unboxing…



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