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When you are into K-Pop, it’s hard not to stan Lee Ji-eun or known to the K-Pop world as the one and only IU. She does not only have an angelic visual but her voice is also heaven sent not to mention that she’s a very talented actress donning the lead roles in dramas like Scarlet Heart Ryo, Bel Ami, The Producer, My Mister and Hotel de Luna. Her lyrical ability is top tier no wonder that she is a Digital Monster in the music scene. She is the only artist in K-Pop history who achieved Perfect All Kills (PAK means that the song charted #1 in all streaming/music charts) for 18 of her songs. Considering the competition in K-Pop, that’s hard feat to accomplish; but then again, she’s IU the K-Pop Queen. Below are the songs that we constantly play and stream with the lines from the lyrics that we personally love. Hope that you enjoy her as much as we do. Here is the spotify playlist we made just for you.




Photo from IU‘s official Facebook fanpage: 아이유(IU)



Lost Child


“Gathering my two small hands, my only prayer is this-
Come back to me.”


Fun fact: This is her debut song



Through the Night


“Tonight, I’ll send you the firefly from that day
To your window
That means that I love you.”





“If I fall lightly from your nice touch
Just let me stay for a moment
Don’t wake me up
I’m going to sleep tight.”



Ending Scene


“As much as you were lonely
I really hope you meet someone
Who will love you more than you do.”


Fun fact: Her leading man in this song’s MV is no other than Kim Soo-Hyun.



Palette (feat. G-Dragon)


“Rather than pictures, I prefer filled palettes,
diaries, times I was asleep.”



What I’m Doing Slow


“I’ll love for just a little longer
I’ll remember for just a little longer
Only until these tears, fallen on the floor, dry up.”





“Suddenly the rain pours on my head
Without a word, I will get wet
The memory is falling down
Along with the tears, just like a fool.”



Dear Name


“Through the endlessly lost, cold and cruel days
I know your name that has silently been forgotten
I won’t stop, I’ll shout out several times
Even if you’re so far that I can’t believe it
Let’s go, to the place at the tip of dawn.”


Fun fact: Everytime she sings this song in her concerts, fans/audience would raise placards with their names written on it.





“Each minute, each second is so sweet
What is this man?
I can’t help but fall in love
All day, my heart rides on that clock hand.”



Good Day


“My eyes fill with tears, so I lift my head up
I smile a little so they won’t fall.”


Fun fact: She gained National fame through this song’s three level note. This song also ranked #1 in Billboard Magazine’s Greatest K-Pop songs of 2010.



You and I


“I turn it with my fingertips-hey
clock hand please run
Turn a little bit faster.”



Above the Time (Outside of the Time)


“Just wait
I’m going to find you, who I lost
Enduring through the tangled time
With my feet that won’t chase after the future
I will run till I run out of breath”


Fun fact: This song is a sequel to her song “You and I” after eight years. We advise you to watch both videos consecutively and you will appreciate how this song is painful yet beautiful at the same time. Meanwhile, below is DKDKTV‘s interesting analysis of these songs.


Fun fact again: These songs and this video below are exactly made us IU’s fans and conclude she’s the Taylor Swift of K-Pop.






“Our rectangular chat screen is in bloom
With my thumbs I make roses bloom
I think I’m going to get intoxicated off this scent
This is our secret garden.”





“Yellow C-A-R-D
If you cross this line, it’s violation, beep
Keeping manners stop here, it’s mi-mi-mi-mine
Please keep the line.”


Fun fact: This was written in response to all haters in the internet.



Love Poem


“I’ll be there, behind you who walks alone
Singing till the end, this song will be endless
Listen carefully just for a second
I will sing for you who walks long nights than most.”


Note: Don’t get us started on this one…tears everytime





“My lullaby
Baby sweet goodnight
You won’t have a scary dream
Your long never-ending days
Let them go now.”


Note: This one is undeniably GOLD!



Eight (feat. SUGA)


“Under an orange sun
We dance with no shadows
There is no such thing as decided farewells
Meet me in that memory that was once beautiful
Forever young.”


Note: This gets us every time… Melting… It’s a very unique song because the melody is upbeat yet the message of the song is very sad; that combination will really grab you to the core; not to mention that it features SUGA from BTS…


Watch the music video below:



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