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Strong and Powerful vocals – these are the words that I would describe Gaho.

I started listening to his music after hearing Star Over, the OST for the highly successful Korean Drama Itaewon Class which starred Park Seo Joon. I was playing that song on Spotify non-stop. Since then, his songs are on constant repeat on my Spotify playlist.

Everytime I hear him sing, I feel a sense of happiness and excitement. There’s always that anticipation of him hitting those high notes. There’s absolutely no denying of Gaho’s ability to slay any song.

His songs, for the most part, have a unique aspect in its narrative of gradually escalating and this escalation you can surely feel in his vocals.

Photo from twitter: PLT_twt

Gaho or Kang Dae-ho in real life was born on September 14, 1997. He is under the helms of Planetarium Records and is part of the record label’s group called PLT along with other soloists from the label.

He debuted on the 5th of May 2018. Before his first album release, he released the soundtracks Time for the drama The Time, Heart is Beating for My Secret Terrius, and Not Over for The Last Empress. His first mini album Preparation for a Journey was released December 11, 2018, which contain five songs.

Photos from twitter: PLT_twt

The soundtrack Start Over won Best Hallyu OST in the 4th Soribada Music Awards as well as in the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards. He is surely gaining popularity and rightfully so.

As a Gaho stan, I have made a Spotify playlist of all his songs and selected the best lines from his discography. I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do. Happy reading and happy streaming.

Photo from twitter: PLT_twt

Mini Album: Preparation for a Journey

Stay Here – Intro (instrumental)

Preparation for a Journey

Get ready to leave, go far away

Even the steps that do not fall

All pains are the same

Going On

Yeah you know just like that

Yeah you know just like that water on the floor

It’s already spilled.

Then (feat. Villain)

Compared to a lot of presents

I wasn’t in your hands

If I could only reverse time

I would do better


If you go repose with each other

Every day we change

It is going to bloom again

Then there won’t be anything to fall hoo hoo hoo

Digital Singles:

Stay Here

Even if I empty it all, I will find you again

I held on to the time to never come again

I need you

Stay by my side

A Song For You

I write my last letter

For you, with all my attachments and regrets

A Song for You


Even if I am blind

it will be fine

Even if the darkness swallows me

Because I feel you

You’re beautiful

It’s already filled in me


There’s nothing that can tie me up

Even if I can’t see a light

To high above the sky, fly fly away

Only You Don’t Know (Samsung New Retro Series)

Even if get closer to sighs than your heart

I live to see you

I’ll wait even though there are countless deviations

*To be in an unrequited love…😩😔

Here’s Gaho playing the piano with that sad song:

Pink Walk

I walk with my two feet together

Matching the tempo of our hearts


Running (from Start-Up)

Running running, shout to the world

Even if a dead end appears, I’m okay

Start now, run ahead

Start Over (from Itaewon Class)

New beginnings are always exciting

Like I can overcome everything

I want to keep going forward

Like a clock needle chasing time

Not Over (from The Last Empress)

Will you tell me that it’s not too late?

Where do I have to start?

Can I overcome myself?

Will you give me an answer on where I should go?

I want to go back to the beginning

When I wasn’t the person I am now If this isn’t over yet

Heart is Beating (from My Secret Terrius)

It wasn’t all over

It was just another beginning

My heart that I thought

was worn out and gone,

starts to beat again

Time (from The Time)

When my heart stops

will time stop too?

Wish (from Forest of Secrets)

I want to walk with you

no matter where the place is…

Apart from these amazing roster of songs, Gaho also makes covers from various artists. Here are some of my most favorite…

How you like that (BLACKPINK)

Lovesick girls (BLACKPINK)

Love Poem (IU)

Ending Scene (IU)

Life Goes On (BTS)

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