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One of our recent discoveries on K-pop are the duo siblings of AKMU. Akdong Musicians as they were originally called are real life siblings Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun who debuted in 2014 after winning K-Pop Star 2. More than the typical K-pop idols who promote visuals and fashion along with their music, this duo is particularly interesting as their looks are immaterial to their artistry. How humbly they dress themselves physically speaks loudly on their confidence to their music. Their songs that offer playful story telling and exciting vibes can definitely stand alone. Not to mention that each of these siblings has their own individual talents to boast. Lee Su Hyun is well noted for her crystal clear vocals while her older brother Lee Chan Hyuk is an excellent song writer. Infact, Lee Chan Hyuk’s compositions are a great factor for them winning the K-Pop Star and eventually debuting. This duo is surely one of YG’s best treasures.


If it’s  your first time to ever hear of AKMU, here is a spotify playlist that we curated containing their best songs that we personally love along with our favorite heart-tugging lines from each the songs.




Photo from AKMU‘s official FB fanpage


Give Love

“The love that gives and gives gets thrown away on the street
stacking up like dead leaves.”



“The sound of the wind that wakes me up
in the morning makes harmony
The darkening moonlight let it go, (huh)
The ripening romance dreams (good night).”


Artificial grass

“I want to breathe too
I want to swallow the rain and lay roots
Like real grass
Like real grass.”


Little Star

“Please let my star rise on your night.”



“When the same sex meets on the street, there’s a power struggle
When the opposite sex meets on the street, they pretend to be chic.”


Every Little Thing

“All the flowers we missed from running without a break
The cold I caught from a flawless subway
May the world change because of these little things.”



“Here or there, there’s no place for me
We’re close yet so far apart
Everyone tells me I changed
When in my eyes, they’re the ones who changed.”



“Remember me
Remember you
The feeling right now…”


The Last Goodbye

“The sky is so white
I had to take hold of my heart
Now with my last voice
I’ll say my last goodbye.”


Play Ugly

“Did you want to make me ugly that badly?
You’re ugly, you’re ugly
Did you think I’ll become ugly if you say that?”


Will Last Forever

“I believed that we would be together then
Hold each other with small hands and feet
In our childhood
A dream of longing and happiness.”



“A sea song
A lonely song
A few and a few
Should we cross the wave?”


Fish in the Water

“You became an art and a legend only when
you endured the moment of soliloquy.”


How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love

“Our love so deep as the ocean
Waiting till it runs dry will be our farewell.”


Grab your earphones for this  8D audio of their song, “How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love





“Watching the night sky without subtitles
Listening to the wind without translations.”



“I want to walk without a road
so that my footprints are first printed there.”



“My favorite teacup, the faded wallpaper
Don’t change things
Because they remind you of me
Just as you left the same things in my heart.”


Let’s Take Time

“Let’s take time
As you go farther away
To fall…”



“When I was young, I dreamed about a dinosaur
You broke down our window
You roared at my family
If I see you again
I’m gonna shout louder than you.”

Note: Although this song sounds playful and MV looks fairly bright and happy, it actually tells a sad story from their childhood.


Be With You

“A laugh or thought without reason
is it similar to love?”


Time and Fallen Leaves

“Time passes like water flows
I’m building a dam called memories.”

Note: From a literature teacher’s point of view, the metaphors in this song are just so bittersweet.



“This is kind of like
A final warning
It was too casual
To put a definite meaning to it”


Meanwhile, you can watch AKMU’s latest single, “Happening” that was released November 16. 2020




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