Vincenzo’s Taecyeon and his Duality

Netflix’s Vincenzo is continuously expanding its plot. We have seen in episode 12 how some pieces in the narrative are coming together with the revelation of Wang Shaolin and how he holds the Guillotine file that can incriminate major players in the Korean Government. The tenants of Geumga Plaza are also unfolding their secrets one by one and the fight over the gold hidden beneath the Nanyak Temple is getting more interesting and intense by the day with betrayals starting to take place.


Ok Taecyeon as Jang Joon Woo in Vincenzo (Photo from Hancinema)


But what caught my attention the most is Teacyeon’s superb portrayal as the real boss behind Babel. Before his true identity was revealed, he was this funny and unsuspecting understudy of  Cha-young who simply wants to become a partner at Wusang Firm. But when his mask was removed, we saw how opposite he is from Jang Joon-woo. As the real villain puppeteer we witnessed how he is  cruel with no remorse.



How Taecyeon performed the two very opposite roles in this series is very worthy of credit. His naivety as Jang Joon-woo is very well contrasted with the ruthlessness and uncanny of Jang Han-seok. For someone who has only seen Teacyeon act in this series alone, I am impressed. The way he hides his villainy in a character that’s very unsuspecting created a sense of mystery and a different mood quality in the drama. 


All photos from Hancinema


However, since he is already unmasked as we have seen towards the end of episode 12 when he made the announcement in the company’s tower bidding that he is the real boss behind Babel, the whole narrative has taken a different turn. We can expect that Taecyeon’s character will go full force as the main evil. With his duality seemingly out of the window, conflict build-up will be more interesting and more direct. Power struggles in this drama are certainly upped a notch. We just have to wait for the next episode and see who gets the upper hand this time.


Jang Joon Woo announcing that he is the real boss of Babel


What about you? Were you also impressed by Teacyeon’s duality in Vincenzo? Let us know what you think in the comment section below…


Fun fact: Taecyeon is a member of JYP Entertainment’s 2PM who are the real K-Pop OGs for sexiness and hotness!


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  1. Yep,I was,in fact I was amazed about ok taecyeon could behave like the naive jang joon woo and at the same time act the character of the cruel jang han seek.It was really an interesting movie🥰🥰😍🥰🥰


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