True Beauty Episode 4: Team Su-ho or Team Seo-jun: Who Wins the Episode?

Ju kyung going on a blind date


It’s still Su-ho and here’s why…


We don’t want to be bias over Su-ho and we want to be fair towards Seo-jun but the amount of scenes that Su-ho has with Ju kyung are certainly hard to ignore. Their interactions as in the previous episodes are longer which allowed for Su-ho to step up his game more. First, is Su-ho’s protective instincts. The moment he knew that Ju kyung is going on a blind date, he became curious and followed her in the bus on her way home just so he can know more about the date. He was even annoyed when another passenger sat in between them. That was funny- him stretching his neck so he can read the text exchange of Ju kyung and her blind date.



It didn’t stop there. He followed them in the cinema. He’s like a stalker at this point. 😂 Him toying with his popcorn while watching the two some seats down was funny. He sure was jealous. But what made us swoon was what he did after learning that the guy was a fluke. He threatened him and forced him to reveal what he is through a text to Ju kyung; and just like that- Su-ho turned into the knight in shining armor again, saving Ju kyung from another scumbag. That of course is a huge (pogi) points for us. Although, him ditching his math test for that is not entirely right but him doing that for Ju kyung’s well-being, we’ll forgive. 😏



Next, was he joined the math learning session with Ju kyung and her friends. He surely wants to be near her all the time – that’s effort knowing his image at school being cold and distant. So that’s another star for him. Wow! this is surely becoming an easy Su-ho game. But from this episode too, we have seen that Seo-jun is not going soft. The last frames of the episode tell us clearly what he intends to do saying that from that point onwards he will only listen to her. Su-ho too got his answer when asked by Seo-jun if he likes Ju kyung the night before. When he saw her walking, he had a subtle smile on his face and as viewers we know what that means… we certainly know… 🤔

His actions after when Ju kyung intends to chase after Seo-jun, him grabbing her hand and telling her not to go speaks a lot about what he feels for her. Emotions are surely growing by each episode and we at HanaDulSes are very thrilled and excited about what’s to come next.



What do think? Are we fair with this judgment? Do you think otherwise? Let us know in the comment section below…

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