True Beauty Episode 5: Team Su-ho or Team Seo-jun – Who wins the episode?

If he has feelings for me

This episode showed us the tensions we have predicted in the previous episodes between Su-ho and Seo-jun. Two boys fighting over one girl is a cliché in romantic dramas, but for some reason innate in us, it is always fun to watch. If this is a different analysis, I would have analyzed it differently. But sometimes let us allow ourselves to feel giddy, to giggle, and to fall inlove and this episode is truly giving us that vibe especially that Seo-jun is stepping up his game. He is finally making every effort to get close to Ju kyung. Although, it is still hard to beat Su-ho. Here’s why:


Su-ho’s moments for this episode:


1. offered Ju kyung a seat during Chemistry class
2. gave her the strawberry drink that she prefers
3. showing off with basketball when they were at the park
4. caught her in an embrace when she almost stumble dribbling the ball
5. telling Ju kyung that she is still pretty even without make-up
6. playing really well in the basketball match against Seo-jun
7. confronting Seo-jun about not taking it out on Ju kyung whatever ill feelings he has for him


His downside:


He was a little too harsh on her in the locker room telling her that he doesn’t want to be bothered anymore and that he merely pitied her. Although, this happened with fairly a good reason of Ju kyung not finding out the truth about Se Yeon’s death- the burden that he is carrying still. This is a downside because it hurt Ju kyung and put a momentary halt to the progress of their relationship. Trying to protect a secret but hurting someone in the process, I believe, is not the best way to go. However, this was remedied towards the end of the episode as we all know. 😏🤭



Seo-jun’s moments for this episode:


1. offered Ju kyung a drink albeit it was the wrong flavor but we appreciate the effort
2. caught her when she was about to fall on the floor when a student suddenly bumped into her
him telling her and everyone else that he will only listen to her at all times
3. him making every effort and opportunity to be near her


His downside:


In general, he has to learn how to be subtle… His moves so far can pass for something like being arrogant. Maybe in the long run Ju kyung might fall for it, but for now, it’s not doing him good.




So, looking at the achievements of our two boys above, I guess it’s clear who won this episode… But what do you think? Do agree with our judgement? What are your thoughts? Should Seo-jun change his ways or not? Let us know in the comment section below…


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