True Beauty Episode 3: Team Su-ho or Team Seo-jun – Who wins the episode?

Revenge is best served cold

No secret remains hidden forever. Ju kyung’s secret is finally out, at least between her and Su-ho and Su-ho for his part exploited this leverage. We have witnessed how Ju kyung begged Su-ho in the football field, kneeling down, for her secret to be kept hidden. We have seen how Su-ho made her his errand girl doing all stuff for him.



But first, let us reminisce the scene in the bookshop – the part where Ju kyung’s secret finally came out. How Su-ho cornered her and how their faces are inches from each other as he takes her glasses off and untangles her ponytail while telling her that he sees in her the same girl he sees in school. I know scenes like that is a cliché in romantic dramas but I fell for it. It’s weird in a good way that such a scene can make a 30-year-old giddy still and for that we are giving an automatic point for Su-ho.



Their lunch at the rooftop of the school was also worth noting. It’s as if they are having a lunch date while discussing about making things even between them two to be followed by a scene with Su-ho holding Ju kyung’s ponytail ‘clip’ with a smile on his face and as a viewer it all makes clear- his intentions for Ju kyung at least. The way he made her his errand girl was his excuse to be always with her. We see through you Su-ho, we see through you! 🧐



But the biggest highlight of this episode was Ju kyung’s breakdown and how it sort ‘melted’ Su-ho. How he ran to buy first aid meds for Ju kyung’s knee and how he asked sorry for what he did. That was a good take. It reached me… 🤣 So, another big point for Suho. Looks like our cold boy is gaining so much momentum and we love it!



However, let’s not forget the other contender, our boy Seo-jun. From what we have seen in this episode, he is certainly making progress though his approach to Ju kyung with all his threatening tactics has to change. But for all his gangster façade, we were given a glimpse of how a sweet son he is to his mother as shown by the scene at the hospital. It was a cute exchange between a mother and a son only to be spoiled when he saw Su-ho’s father in the hospital too for reasons we don’t know yet. This added more fire to his already burning hate for Su-ho and it sort of exploded at the school canteen when he threw Su-ho’s food, went to Ju kyung’s table and sat beside her telling her he wants to see her eat. He got the result he wanted. Su-ho was provoked as we have seen in the last frame of the episode with Su-ho grabbing his uniform collar with a deathly look on his face.



This episode sure starts the fight of the boys over Ju kyung which makes the succeeding episodes exciting to watch… However, for this episode alone, we are still giving Su-ho all the points but going forward with the narrative it will certainly be a hard fight.


What do you think? Do you agree with us? or do you think Seo-jun should take the point this time?


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