True Beauty Episode 2: Team Su-Ho or Team Seo-Jun – Who Wins the Episode?

Episode 2 Winning Moments:

For this episode, there are three major winning moments and all for Su-ho. Looks like our boy Su-ho is heavily favored by the narrative for these two episodes. The first one was due to Ju kyung’s habit of falling everytime she encounters Su-ho unexpectedly. Her fall from the stool in the bookshop during their second meeting was quite a scene with Su-ho’s arms wrapped around her as he safely catches her from the fall. They see eye to eye and for a moment you would have thought that there is an invisible string that binds them at that moment… It could pass for that love maxim of time stopping for two people in love broken only by the voice of the shop owner and they disentangle as if electrocuted.



The second moment was right after the scene inside the bookshop. It was when Ju kyung gave Su-ho the collection sticker inside the book while saying “Happy Birthday.” Clearly Su-Ho did not expect that that even at his home he remembered the moment. We know from his nuances that it made an impression on him which we believe will help forward his romantic advances in the future.



The third and the best one is Su-ho coming to her rescue for the second time. When she was in panicked because of her classmate accidentally slamming the cake right on her face, and she was gripped by fear that her classmates will finally see her real face without the make-up, Su-ho came and covered her with his uniform jacket. What made this even more exciting was the fact that as they walk away from the crowd, they walked past Seo-Jun with the latter eyeing them intently. From these moments, it is crystal clear that Su-ho gets all the winning points. If Seo-Jun wants to win, he certainly needs to catch-up. His moments with Ju kyung are brief with him condescending.


What do you think? Will episode three be on Seo-Jun’s side? Will he finally catch-up? Guess we will have to wait…

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