True Beauty Episode 1: Team Su-Ho or Team Seo-Jun – Who Wins the Episode?

Long before True Beauty became a television series, fans of the narrative are already divided through its original story in the Webtoon platform. Both male characters, Lee Su-ho and Han Seo-Jun are on par with each other; they both have charisma that captured the readers. Both male leads deserve Joo-kyung’s heart. With the story transformed into a television series, it would be very interesting how both male leads play out. Will they live-up to their characters in the webtoon or will they tread a different character dynamics. With two episodes already aired, we at HanaDulSes saw how the competition will be tough. So, we figured it would be fun to help Joo-kyung and the rest of the fans decide by rating them for every episode.


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Here’s what we think of Su-ho’s Winning Moments

The pilot episode is an obvious win for Su-ho as our boy Seo-jun is still preparing for his grand entrance. The rooftop scene where Joo-kyung intends to end her life by jumping off the building because she can’t handle the intensity and the pain of the bullying but changed her mind the moment she saw the tribute flashed on a billboard screen of some young talent was notably epic. Su-ho appeared like a knight in a shining armor, grabbed Joo-kyung’s arm and both fell on the hard concrete. Su-ho then lectured her about why would she commit suicide; didn’t she realize the pain that it would cause her family or the burden she can create to the one who won’t be able to save her. He ended this by telling her not to die. That scene alone sold us out. It was powerful!



It didn’t end there. They collided again at the bookstore gunning for the same book and Joo-kyung once again fell on top of Su-ho. She sure has a habit of falling on top of Su-ho (Sana all 🤭). It was pretty ironic that Joo-kyung recognized him as her handsome and prick classmate, while Su-ho recognized her as the suicidal girl he saved. It’s pretty exciting how these series of awkward encounters will contribute to Su-ho’s chances of capturing Joo-kyung’s True Beauty, but for now, He WINS…



What do you think? Do you agree with us? Are these Su-ho winning moments for you? Let us know in the comment section below…

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