True Beauty Episode 6: Team Su-ho or Team Seo-jun – Who wins the episode?

Ju kyung running into bullies


The tiger-print underwear sold us out… So, this time it’s Seo-jun 🙈🤪



Nearing the half of the narrative, we know by now that the series is putting more highlight on Su-ho and Ju kyung. Seo-jun’s interactions with Ju kyung are still brief and full of bickering. However, in this episode we are sold by Seo-jun, all because of his exposed underwear scene. Sorry but that scene did it all. 😆


Here’s a short rundown of each of the boys’ episode accomplishments:


Seo-jun’s moments for this episode:


1. his look in the tiger-print underwear scene was just epic
2. coming to Ju kyung’s rescue when she was brought in a noreabang against her will by the boys Seo-jun have troubles with
3. his face/eyes when he was staring at her after the fight. (It was intense and revealed so much of what he currently feels)



His downside:


He was the reason why Ju kyung was forced by those guys to come with them. His previous skirmishes with the bad side caused that. Although, him rescuing her at the end compensated the whole thing. Seo-jun has to straighten some things in his past so that they won’t interfere with his intentions towards Ju kyung. We sure can expect that those boys will retaliate and cause trouble in the succeeding episodes.


Su-ho’s moments for this episode:


1. guarding Ju kyung from the other inhabitants of the apartment as they head down the stairs because of a false fire alarm
2. handling the awkwardness of the situation in Ju kyung’s house over the disastrous dinner
3. protecting and rescuing Ju kyung against the bullies



We understand that Su-ho’s moments are bigger and his actions are more tangible. But, Seo-jun with that scene was just downright hilarious. We were able to see a different side to him contrary to what he shows when he is out with other people. It was funny, awkward, and to some extent intimate – to be exposed in your undies calls for some amount of awkward intimacy… 🙈🤣


Do you agree with us? What do you think? Are we being reasonable? Let us know in the comment section below…


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