True Beauty: Lim Ju-kyung and her Skincare Mistakes

It has been months since the culmination of Cha Eun Woo and Moon Ga Young’s recent Korean drama, True Beauty, and yet there’s still the feeling of longing for the characters and hoping that there will be a second season for us who had come to love the series.

However, looking back at some of the moments of the show, especially scenes that show the skincare routines of the female lead Lim Ju-kyung, I can’t help scrutinize the skincare mistakes that she did in the series that may have potentially worsen her skin condition.

1. Her heavy make-up

We sympathized with Ju-kyung and the reason that has forced her to make make-up her security blanket against bullying. However, the amount of cosmetics that she has to put on her face can potentially do more harm than good.

Wearing too much makeup can cause acne cosmetica (acne caused by cosmetics). Our pores need to ‘breathe’ and with too much cosmetics on our skin, clogged pores which may lead to skin problems like acne are unavoidable.

Moon Ga-young as Lim Ju-kyung in the Korean Drama True Beauty putting on thick makeup on her face to cover up her acne

As we have seen in the series, Ju-kyung suffers from acne. Her pimples keep appearing causing her to put more makeup on to cover her skin issues. But this solution is nothing but a band-aid solution. It doesn’t really solve the problem.

In an article written by Dr. Manny Alvarez for the Fox News, he stated a study done in Brazil that resulted in 45% of women who had skin diseases due to makeup.

He went on to say that since teens have the tendency to wear more make-up than adults do and that the pressure they receive from society to always look good compels them to cover their skin problems with more makeup creating a harmful cycle of skin damage that may take months or years to reverse.

Liah Yoo, the CEO of Krave Beauty and a YouTube vlogger with over a million subscribers, posted in her channel the benefits that she got from being foundation free. Check out her thoughts below.

2. Wearing a sheet mask while travelling and sleeping

Sheet masks are basically a delivery agent for essences to be absorbed more effectively by our skin. They provide instant hydration, dewiness, and plumpness- that is, if used appropriately. What Ju-kyung did however, was use a sheet mask while she was travelling and sleeping.

True Beauty Episode 1, Lim Ju-Kyung wearing a facial sheet mask on their way to their old house

Using a sheet mask that way can dry up your skin. Sheet masks should only stay on our skin for at least 10-15 minutes. At the same time, she was wearing it inside a vehicle with the windows down exposing her skin to dust particles present in the air which may stick into her face causing more issues.

True Beauty Episode 1, Lim Ju Kyung wearing a facial sheet mask on their way to their old house.

3. Cleansing with a cleansing tool/brush

From what we can deduce from the show, Ju-kyung has acne and possibly rosacea (a skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in one’s face which can also produce small, red, pus-filled bumps). It goes to saying that her skin is on the sensitive side. Sensitive skin type individuals need to use gentle skin care products especially when cleansing. 

True Beauty Episode 1, Lim Ju Kyung wearing a facial sheet mask on their way to their old house.

In episode 9, Ju-kyung used the cleansing brush given by Selena. Considering that she is skin sensitive because of her skin conditions, using a cleansing brush can pose more harm than good. Technically, a cleansing tool like that of a facial brush provides physical exfoliation of the way it rubs onto the skin. Though she was using it gently but with her skin problems she doesn’t really need a cleansing brush in her cleansing routine. It can worsen her redness and cause more sensitivity.

True Beauty Episode 9, Lim Ju-kyung directly using a cleansing crush to remove her makeup and cleanse her face.

These are the three things I have noticed from the show concerning the skincare mistakes that Ju-kyung did. As much as we love her character and the symbol that she carries on how society views beauty, here at hanadulses we can’t help but point out the things that she did wrong on her skin that may be followed by some of the young fans and audience of the show.

I hope that this article shed some light on you and may this help you treat your skin more gently, respect its needs, and listen to it because our skin tells us more than what we care to see. Happy skin days ahead!

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