True Beauty Finale Episode: Team Su-ho or Team Seo-jun – Who Wins the Episode?

Finale Episode: Happy Ending


It was a happy ending after all…


It’s a no-brainer who the finale’s winner is but Seojun’s selflessness is what reunited Suho and Ju kyung together. He was intent on letting Ju kyung feel what his true feelings are. But upon Suho’s return he backtracked. It was a refreshing thing to see two men who were at the height of their emotions for one girl being so civil and friendly towards each other.



Seojun’s understanding that Ju kyung has not fully moved on from Suho and that she will never feel the same way as he does compel him to push Ju kyung back to Suho; that scene where Seojun told Ju kyung that Suho is returning to the US and urging her to go after him right that instant was just 😔; then moments after Ju kyung left, when Seojun was walking up the stairs, he broke down… 😭 and the memories he had with her came flashing in his mind as his tears fell. (ahhhh Korean drama and their second lead syndrome).



Writing this made me emotional again remembering how Seojun was during those sequences. It actually felt like Start-Up again. When Do-san came back to take Dal-mi and Ji-peong can’t do anything about it because he knows what Dal-mi truly feels and that he will never be able to compete with Do-san. It’s amazing how as a viewer we can support for the leads to have a happy ever after but also feel sad and sympathetic towards the second leads who got their hearts broken.


I don’t know exactly the reason why Korean dramas these days are pushing the second leads and then break them towards the end but it has become an effective emotional string that truly tugs the hearts of the audience.



As the finale was a winning moment for Suho and Ju kyung, there were also things in the episode that were properly wrapped up. Soojin was able to reconnect with the gang, the strawberry and grapefruit couple finally tied the knot 😂, for the majority it was a sweet reunion. Seojun, even without Ju kyung as his girl was finally able to debut and pursue his idol dreams.



It was a nice ending. They were able to stay true to the narrative of the show. For what it actually is, I have no serious complains. It made me feel the things I want to feel while watching the whole show come into conclusion. It may not be as powerful as ‘The Penthouse’ but it was effective enough to let me see that true beauty goes beyond what we see for as the fox in the Little Prince would have it “for it is only the heart that can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”



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1 thought on “True Beauty Finale Episode: Team Su-ho or Team Seo-jun – Who Wins the Episode?”

  1. I love this man. The love for this role that he conveys is really good. Love is not a contest or possession, it is sacrifice. He is truly the winner in my eyes. #Team Seo-jun


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