True Beauty Episode 9: Team Su-ho or Team Seo-jun – Who wins the episode?

Secret boyfriend


There’s no doubt who won this episode… Suho for the win!


Being in a secret relationship can take its toll and that’s what we have seen in this episode albeit presented in some funny way. Ju kyung’s fear of coming out with their relationship proved to be very inconvenient to them both as we have seen in the series of events them trying to pretend they are not together. However, them dating in secret, allowed us to witness some cute and fun moments between them with Suho coming strong as ever.


Here are the individual moments of both male leads…


Suho’s moments for this episode:


1. Bringing Ju kyung to the fan meet of her favorite makeup vlogger.



2. Assuring Ju kyung that he likes her just the way she is.



3. Helping Ju kyung’s dad by letting him stay at his place for the night. They even bonded over a soccer match.



4. Showing her the room that he doesn’t allow anyone to see. He even played the piano for her with the song he has written.




Seojun’s moments for this episode:

1. The scenes at the photoshoot… though Ju kyung is already dating Suho, we can’t help but feel giddy for that moment…



2. Telling Ju kyung that if he has a girlfriend he’d want to brag about her.



From the list above, it’s really not a surprise why Suho has this episode’s win. The fact that he respected Ju kyung’s decision to keep their dating in private is a big ‘pogi’ points for us; though he really wanted to make them out in the open. He is showing a necessary element in a relationship – COMPROMISE.


Seojun might not have huge moments in the coming episodes though, since the two are already dating, he has no other choice but to respect Ju kyung’s choice at the moment. But we are excited as to how the narrative will create the necessary plot twist to favor Seojun.


What about you? what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below… 

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