True Beauty Episode 8: Team Su-ho or Team Seo-jun: Who wins the episode?



It’s head-to-head, but the kiss definitely sealed Suho’s WIN!


If episode 7 showed us the will of the two boys in securing Ju kyung’s affections, this episode definitely gave us more. In simple terms, it was intense! Suho and Seojun’s male pride and love intentions are finally in an intense play resulting to a fistfight between them. This series is gradually escalating and we are all for it…


Here’s the episode rundown of the boys’ crowning moments…


Suho’s moments for this episode:


1. He was finally able to be alone with Ju kyung, in a boat and under the stars.



2. He doesn’t want to be photographed but he did it with Ju kyung.



3. Putting his arms around her to make her feel warm after she fell from the boat.



4. Helping her hide from their classmates who thought she was the ghost from the legend.


5. Confessing his true feelings


6. Finally getting that kiss!




Seojun’s moments for this episode:


1. Securing a seat beside Ju kyung on the bus on their way to the campsite.


2. Next to each other during the group photo.



3. Grabbing Ju kyung for her to be in his team during the games.


4. Carrying Ju kyung during the newspaper game.



5. Showing his concern to Ju kyung when she was not feeling well by giving her medicine and even putting a handicraft bracelet on her.



6. Singing in front of everyone because Ju kyung wanted to hear him sing.



7. Being a shoulder to cry on when Ju kyung was crying thinking Suho might like Seo Jin instead of her.


Do you have similar verdict? Who do you think should win here? Is a kiss enough for an episode win? Let us know in the comment section below…


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