True Beauty Episode 7: Team Su-ho or Team Seo-jun – Who wins the episode?

Mutual Feeling of Love


We seriously can’t decide!


This episode trended in the different community pages and groups in social media because of the many funny moments 😆 added to the fact that fans of the show waited longer than usual for the airing. This episode has shown us moments that reveal both of the boys’ feelings for Ju kyung. However, they don’t know what exactly to do about it which makes those moments funnier. Both boys came out strong here so we can’t give a singular verdict.


Here’s our weigh-in for this episode…


Su-ho’s moments in this episode:

1. Comforting Ju kyung inside the taxi when he feels that she was anxious because of what happened.



2. Inviting her to a study to help her get better grades.



3. He made the guy who bullied Ju kyung apologize (the things he went through for that truly deserves clap, clap, clap 👏)



4. He still reigns class #1 after the test. We can’t help but stan a model and consistent, and an intellectual student.


5. Comforting and assuring Ju kyung after her mom threw all her makeup (that pat on the head while telling her he’s proud of her… 🥰)



6. Giving Ju kyung a hair clip (we are sure your hearts melted too in that scene).



His downside:

1. The excuses that he makes every time others might see them together with Ju kyung. When things get awkward between them, he makes a pretense change of mood 😂


2. The scene at the elevator… 😂



Seo-jun’s moments for this episode


1. Thanking Su-ho for what he did to Seo-jun’s mom. He felt awkward saying that but he did anyway which lead to a little bromance scene 😂


2. Saving Ju kyung from hitting a tree when she was walking while reading.



3. Getting a higher mark than Ju kyung even without studying. 😂


4. Asking Ju kyung’s help in selecting/buying makeup for his sister and of course the ‘kilig’ scene in the cosmetics shop.



His downside:

He did not study for the test… getting a good score without studying does not justify enough though… 😂 So, it’s both a point and a deduction if that makes sense. 😂


*Both cheered Ryu Hyung Jin when they know that if he wins the match he might get scouted, thus, eliminating him as a competition for Ju kyung’s heart.


*Both made clear what they feel for Ju kyung after the baseball match.


Help us decide through the comment section below… what do you think?


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