True Beauty Episode 15: Team Suho or Team Seojun – Who Wins the Episode?

Episode 15: Unexpected Encounter


We are giving poor Seojun all the points… just because…


This is the ‘storm’ that I talked about in the previous episode. After settling in the US to help his dad recover, Suho broke up with Ju kyung. I understand where he was coming from and that it was hard for him to let Ju kyung wait for him with no uncertainty when he can come back. It was painful for both of them especially so that the breakup wasn’t mutual.



However, I would like to believe that the relationship can survive even with the distance especially that Ju kyung is willing to wait. Seojun, however, as expected is the safety net for Ju kyung. Whilst Suho is away, he was there for her.


Here’s our rundown of those moments in this episode:



Suho’s winning moments:


1. He went to the US to be with his sick dad. It was hard for him; knowing that he’ll be leaving Ju kyung behind. But like any good son, he has to fulfill his filial duties especially that they have not fully reconciled yet. It truly was some hard lines and Suho dealt with it.



2. He came back for her. Although Ju kyung is adamant on not speaking to him, he was very persistent. He followed her everywhere just like what he did with the bully in Yongpa High.



3. Suho’s return actually feels like the penultimate episode of Start-Up. Remember that part when Do-san came back from the US and wants to take Dal-mi back? It had the same feels for me…




Here’s Seojun’s winning moments:


1. His restraint during the supposed kiss when Ju kyung was very drunk. He could have taken advantage of her that night but he didn’t- speaks a lot about what kind of guy he is… in addition, he is also not and do not want to see other women. He was even annoyed that Ju kyung always pesters him to meet and have dinner with Chen. After two years his feelings for her are still intact- talk about being steadfast.



2. Finally got the courage to take Ju kyung on a dinner date and confessed his feelings for her. He didn’t pressure her but only asked her to have a date with him three times as a guy and a girl.



With Seojun stepping-up and Suho intent on taking Ju kyung back, the final episode will surely be interesting… Whose heart will be left broken? Whose team will have the happily ever after?


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