True Beauty Episode 13: Team Suho or Team Seojun – Who wins the episode?

Episode 13: Only fools judge others


Suho this time!


While watching this episode, I can’t help but feel a sense of pity for Ju kyung. The hardwork that she has put forth in forgetting her past has been easily crushed by her secret’s revelation. What is remarkable though was the fact that Suho and Seojun stayed true to their feelings for her. Seojun for his part has been her protector. He never stopped until he discovered who the webmaster is; he even confronted Soojin for what she did but in a very gentleman manner still by not humiliating her in front of their classmates. His words to her during their confrontation was 👏



Seojun proved his loyalty but it was Suho’s tenacity that caught our hearts. Here are the three things worth mentioning that he did in this episode.


Suho’s winning moments:


1. Persistence. That’s all we have to say! No other better word. He never left her but at the same time, he respected her space. He always pays her house a visit even only from the outside and when Ju kyung was finally ready, he was there lifting her up…



2. Boosting Ju kyung’s morale when they went out for a walk. I have to applaud him for the analogy he made about people and fruits being alike. Him telling her that she is strong and that he should emulate her was 😍



3. Going the extra mile and sent her a video of himself doing aegyo. It’s a big deal for him especially that it is not in his character to do such a thing, but for Ju kyung to smile he did. That was sweet!



Seojun’s winning moments:

1. Slamming Soojin and protecting Ju kyung. I was impressed by what he did. He was mad at her obviously but maintained his composure if you know what I mean.



2. Not stopping until he found the webmaster who posted Ju kyung’s video and forced her to delete it.


Both boys have been Ju kyung’s knights in this episode. I salute them for how they handled the problem. Moreover, I cannot help but credit Ju kyung as well. When she finally gained her confidence thanks to her Unnie’s wise words and those of Suho’s she came to school in her true face. That was just brave…👏👏👏



So far, this episode has been the most effective in tugging at my heartstrings. Was it effective for you too? What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comment section below…


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