True Beauty Episode 12: Team Suho or Team Seojun – Who wins the episode?

Episode 12: Transfer student


We are giving credit to all of Seojun’s selflessness… He takes the win.


We have seen a lot of turning points in this episode. The reconciliations and serious conversations at the beginning and the painful turnarounds towards the end that had us reeling in giggles and frustrations. Whilst the development of Suho and Ju kyung’s love is going strong by staying true to Ju kyung and downright rejecting the malicious advances of Soojin, Ju kyung’s fears have finally happened- her secret has been revealed. The character of Soojin has become embittered and sour; she was blinded by jealousy which made her do the things she did.


However, for all the turning points this episode has shown us, Seojun definitely deserves the win. He was at the background staying on Ju kyung’s side. It was even a bit sad to see him looking at Suho and Ju kyung together but he was mature to respect the relationship. He even taught Suho how to knit. Him doing things for Ju kyung even if his feelings may not be reciprocated earned him this episode’s win.


For the individual rundown, here are the boys’ moments:


Suho’s winning moments:

1. Opening up to Ju kyung about his feelings towards his father as well as his uncertainty on forgiving him. (His honesty and courage to open up for Ju kyung deserves a clap for we know that it truly takes a huge amount of courage to do just that even at the presence of someone we love)



2. Letting Ju kyung find the necklace although he intentionally positioned it in the flower pot. He could simply just give it to her but he didn’t because he wanted to give Ju kyung’s efforts a lot of credit. Letting her feel that victory was kinda sweet. Don’t you think?


Seojun’s winning moments:

1. Saying sorry to Suho for all those that he had blamed him for Se Yeon’s death. (Saying you’re sorry is courageous and Seojun showed that here)



2. Helping Ju kyung find her necklace at the school’s gymn. (with a little teasing of course… 😆)



3. Teaching Se Mi and her bully friends a lesson and warning them if they ever bully someone again.


*Both boys have a penchant for keeping trinkets/things given by Ju kyung… the cast for Seojun and as for Suho… we know what he had kept.


The next episode will surely be exciting since Saebom High has finally learned Ju kyung’s secret. How will the main characters react will be interesting. Will Ju kyung survive this? How will Suho help her pull through? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below…


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