True Beauty Episode 11: Team Suho or Team Seojun – Who Wins the Episode?

Episode 11: The Truth about Se Yeon


Finally, the boys have reconciled.


This episode has a lot of emotional moments. We weren’t able to hold back tears watching the scenes go by. Last episode was a neck to neck competition between Suho and Seojun. This, however, as much as we want to give a tie score or all moments for Suho, we can’t. Seojun in this episode was mature in handling his feelings. His respect for the two certainly deserves a 👏.



Moreover, this episode too allowed the boys to reconcile. Seojun was finally able to understand the pain and guilt that Suho endured over Se-Yeon’s death. It was nice to see them opening up and making a conversation about the pain of the past.


Here are their moments:


Suho’s winning moments:

1. Helping Ju-kyung hide her true face by pretending she’s his older cousin when she paid Suho a visit at the hospital. 😂




2. Saying sorry to Ju-kyung over what happened between them. (That’s what real boyfriends do – owning up to their wrongs regardless if they are not entirely at fault)



3. Helping Seojun with his bathroom needs regardless of the rift between them. 👏😂



4. Helping Seojun eat.



Seojun’s winning moments:

1. Shutting Soo Jin by telling her not to thank him for saving Suho since she is not Suho’s girlfriend.


2. Helping Suho and Ju kyung by getting rid of their classmates who came for a visit.



3. Carrying Suho outside their hospital room.



Embracing the pain and sadness of not being the guy to be with Ju kyung. This for us was his winning moment. It takes a lot of courage to accept the fact that the one you like does not like the way you want them to. Kudos to Seojun for handling his emotions well. 😭👏🥰



The show is continuously gaining momentum especially so with the appearance of Ju kyung’s old classmate. WE certainly can expect more drama and confrontations in the coming episodes.


Did this episode make you emotional too? Do you agree with us giving the win to Seojun? Let’s make a conversation through the comment section below…


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