True Beauty Episode 10: Team Su-ho or Team Seo-jun – Who Wins the Episode?

Neck and Neck!


This episode truly brought a mixture of funny moments and emotional ones. What makes this episode stand out from the first nine episodes was the picture of a couple encountering problems when such a relationship is kept in secret. The moments of Suho and Ju-kyung arguing over the nature of their relationship as well as Seo-jun’s presence in their dating life created the tensions that have forced them to fight. Truly, the course of true love never did run smooth. However, despite these emotional tensions that Suho and Ju-kyung experienced, the fight of our two male leads are seriously neck to neck especially so that Ju-kyung’s family are very well invested as to who should Ju-Kyung date. Both of the boys have made impactful actions and moments. Here’s our rundown of those moments:


Su-ho’s winning moments:

1, He was being so considerate of Ju-kyung’s feelings; he brought her medicine and porridge believing that she was sick. He even blew the hot porridge for her. (sweet!)



2. Giving Ju-kyung’s dad the wine as a peace offering for what happened in his apartment. (No wonder he got the vote of Ju-kyung’s father)



3. He was being a considerate and loyal boyfriend when he rejected Soo-jin’s gift and told her outright that he has a girlfriend already – talk about an ideal bf!



4. Urging Ju-kyung that they should out their relationship already. (This caused them to argue but for Su-ho to desire for their dating to be revealed tells a lot about how he values their relationship and that he is not playing around)


Seo-jun’s winning moments:

1. He joined Ju-kyung in working part-time at the coffee shop. (We all know this was about his concern for her and of course, he wants to be with her)



2. He won the dumpling contest. 😂😂😂



3. He messes with her during their shift at the coffee shop just to make her smile and smile she did.



4. Telling Ju-kyung to go and talk to Su-ho after what happened in #3. (our selfless boy… 😇😇😇)


Moreover, we have also seen how these two are protective of Se-yeon’s memory when they have a similar response when the song was released without them knowing. This tells a lot about how these two boys’ characters. 👏 👏 👏


Did you enjoy this episode like us? We are sure you did. 😅😂 Did we miss any moments? Let us know in the comment section below…


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