Three things to love in Netflix’s Vincenzo

The dark comedy return of Song Joongki in a TV series has constantly garnering strong viewership. In nationwide South Korea alone, the fourth episode has a total of 10.2% average rating- a strong increase from its pilot episode of 7.7%. Here in the Philippines, Vincenzo is currently the number 1 show on Netflix. These numbers are truly not a surprise since the series alone grips you with interest and offers a unique feel of malice wrapped in comedic tone.


Here are the three things I presently love about the series and potentially the reasons why a lot of viewers enjoy it:


1. The tone and mood  

What I love about the feels of this series is the unique combination of the darkness that Joongki’s character carries and the comedic turnarounds of the narrative. When Vincenzo gets into the badass vibe of a mafia, damn! His dark charisma just hooks you. Then, the narrative takes a turn through comedy. It’s not a Korean Drama without characters being funny in some moments… That combination creates some sort of narrative balance and provides a different angle on Joongki’s character. It gets villainy dark and funny at times. It gives the narrative tone variations, I love it!


2. Tragedy serving its purpose

When Hong Yu-chan died tragically, it set a definitive course for Vincenzo and Hong Cha-Young’s characters. That turning point and dynamics in the narrative allowed the series to be more interesting because it compelled me to wait for the next episode to see how the two characters play out the plans that they have for Babel Pharma. A good story creates interesting character dynamics and Vincenzo in the first four episodes had that.


3. Song Joongki’s visuals and charisma

I’m sorry, but I can’t help it 🙈  Song Joongki in this drama is just fire. Him in suits with the mafia vibe… I can’t… 😂 that alone sold me out.


Song Joong Ki in Vincenzo (Photo from TvN)


So, there you have it- the three things I love from Vincenzo. I can’t wait for the coming episodes. How Vincenzo’s partnership with Hong Cha-Young vehicles the narrative into the specific elements of the plot. Exciting!



 What about you? Did you enjoy it also like I did? Comment below and let’s talk…



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