Thematic Lines on Hera: The Goddess of Revenge

Episode 1

I’ve decided to do my best to crush those who try to trample on me.

Hera, The Goddess of Revenge started really strong for a pilot episode though that’s to be expected from narratives with cheating husbands and mistresses. From the public eye, Hera Kang has the perfect marriage with a famous TV personality for a husband, a thriving career, and a best-selling book to boot. However, that view of perfection doesn’t last long as we see that she must be a victim of abuse from her husband as evidenced by the bruise that she had on her cheek revealed after her live stream as an influencer. What made matters worse was she was accused of sleeping and having an affair with a younger guy. A scandal ensues, implicating her and destroying her image. Her husband abandons her, filed for divorce and just like that she fell from the high tower of society.



However, that would all seem to change when she found out that she could be a victim of a deliberate plan of her husband and his mistress. The lines she made above after this discovery creates a very powerful force that set the overall tone of this series- Revenge. From this point on, we can expect sequences of tensions, retaliations, hate, and anger. Those lines established the thematic focal points of this narrative. We see a woman scorned; a strong character that will do everything in her power to make those who stepped on her pay. Stories with wives on a revenge path are not unique but it holds a certain excitement towards its viewers everytime. So, it will be interesting to watch how this woman’s plight on revenge play out.


What do you think? Will this be World of the Married 2.0? Will it live up to its title?


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