Thematic Lines on Hera: The Goddess of Revenge (Episode 3)

Episode 3

I plan to take her to a higher place. So, she could do what she’s good at. If she gains power that’s when we make her hunt.

In this episode, we witnessed how the key players in this series are connected in a web of plots and, schemes, and a fraction of the past. The photograph on Min-Joon’s table turns out to be that of his older sister and him and it seems that what happened to his sister is connected with Kim Tae-On and Director Song. His lines saying that he will put Kang Hae-ra on a higher place so that she will have the power to direct her revenge clarifies Min-Joon’s intentions. It is clear from this episode alone that Hae-ra will be his gun in his own mission against Kim Tae-on, Lee Hoon-seok, and Director Song, who from the snippets into the past might be part of his sister’s demise and explains why he is going through all that effort to be close to Hae-ra.




However, we have also seen that this revenge path will never be easy. We have witnessed how Hoon-seok retaliated and orchestrated a press conference that had put Hae-ra on the disadvantage with her son dragged into the mess with his paternity in question. At the end of the episode, we have seen how Hae-ra finally accepted the proposition of Min-Joon which gives us a clear picture of how the succeeding episodes will play out based on those lines. Hae-ra will have a seat in power for her hunt to begin. It gave us the idea that for one to be in a revenge path, one must possess enough power to wield, otherwise, you’ll forever be the trampled individual at the story’s beginning. To deal with power, one must hold power as well.


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