Thematic Lines on Hera: The Goddess of Revenge (Episode 2)

Episode 2

People seem to have an instinctive ability to tell who they can ignore or who they can’t, who they can trample down or who they can’t.

This episode showed us a background story that allowed us to understand the motivation of Hera Kang on her planned revenge. Her past weighs a huge factor in her resolution to not allow anyone to abuse, exploit, or hurt her. The flashback scene at the beginning of episode two is her realization from that part of her life that people has an innate ability to choose who they ignore and who they don’t. That scene above is a representation that Hera was one of the victims of that social assumption. It turns out that her marriage was not an exemption; that past experience became the anchor in which her revenge is rooted upon driven by the betrayal of the present.



It is also interesting to note that in this episode, we see her make alliances- the journalist that she hired to tail her husband and the lawyer who volunteered to be her lawyer. What makes this alliance with the lawyer more interesting is the fact that his intentions though good seems shrouded with malice. His words towards the end of the episode about Hera gaining a lot of enemies in her journey of exposing people who abuse and exploit others and that that is the cross those who are trampled upon should bear with a grin on his face and the camera shifting to the photograph of him and his mother which brings us to the first scene of episode. Who are those two women? Who is the baby? What role do they play in the progression of this series’ narrative? Questions that we know will only be answered in the succeeding episodes. Something to look forward to right? Are you hooked yet? What are your thoughts? Comment below and let’s discuss…


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