Thematic lines: Hera, The Goddess of Revenge (Episode 9)

Snow is beautiful. I guess there will be good days ahead of us.


You might be wondering why I chose this line to describe this episode because apparently, things did not turn out well for Hera. They were hit by a truck while going to the new location of their protest which caused the life of one of the protesters. Ga On, the son she raised, who turned out to be the son of Min Joon’s sister and President Sang Goo, was taken by Min Joon from Canada to be surrendered to Sang Goo. The statement and the events of the episode are contradictory, however, this statement and the episode are metaphorical representations of what’s to come next.



The statement foreshadows better days for the characters. The change of the season marks a deliberate plot transition that the heroine must undergo. In literature, snow represents negative contexts like melancholy, sadness, apathy, and death. This negative context was manifested all throughout the episode. Hera’s struggles in this episode exemplified that. However, this negative context underlies the metaphorical representations of better days ahead that I was talking above. Narratives that adhere to a triangular plot such as this one typically show struggles of the hero or the heroine.


These struggles are necessary for the hero or heroine to maximize their full potential of character development. The hero’s or heroine’s pain will make the end goal of the narrative even sweeter. As long as the narrative isn’t a tragedy in nature, this storyline will surely be followed. So, whilst the snow represents some dark and painful literary context, it also holds a symbolic change that opens better days for the suffering characters.


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