Thematic lines: Hera, The Goddess of Revenge (Episode 8)

Episode 8

Victims have to stand together on cases like this

This line reminded me of Ned Stark’s words to his children concerning winter- that a lone wolf dies and that a pack survives. In times of troubles and catastrophes, those who are experiencing similar pains and burdens have to truly stand together. In this episode, we have seen how the victims of exploitation and abuse are united with their singular goal of making those who abuse them be accountable and perhaps even pay for it. As mentioned in the previous episode, Hera has used her platform and her vengeful heart to extend it to people who may have similar trials like her, this time with the insurance planners.




This statement also holds true with the partnership that Kang Hera and Min Joon have. They have joined together to put an end to the doings of the people who have caused them pain. This episode teaches us that similar feelings of pain can be weaponized to stand up to those who use power at their benefit. Power can only be extinguished with power. The collective experiences of the abused, their pain, their woes, and their hopes as shown in this episode with Kang Hera and her team helping the insurance planners especially the family of one who has died are strengths. This collective pain can topple even the most powerful man.



However, standing together may not be enough as what we have seen when Hera together with some of the planners, encountered an ‘accident’ while heading to the new location of their protest. In would be interesting how these victims will retaliate after what happened. Will they continue this goal? Will the incident scare them away? Or will this make them more passionate?



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