Thematic lines: Hera, The Goddess of Revenge (Episode 7)

Episode 7

Do you have any unjust experience, so you studied law so you never have to repeat the same experience?

Our past experiences of hardships, struggles, and pains can be very powerful motivations for revenge. The scene below perfectly explains this idea. Cha Min Joon and Kang Hera both have struggles in the past that fueled them to collaborate and do what they are doing to people who have caused them pain. What makes this revenge path different though is the fact that they were able to extend this to people who are seeking justice and were also trampled upon by exploitative and powerful men. The moral extension of this experience allows the show to provide more dynamics and layers to the narrative, especially so that the missions that Kang Hera is taking are connected to her and to Cha Min Joon. This, to a greater degree, is what vehicles the overall narrative.



Moreover, this episode opened more doors to the major conflict this show has and how it is interconnected with the characters. The mystery of Cha Ee Hyeon’s disappearance and her connection with Sang Goo and how these connections allowed Min Joon to establish his revenge plans using Kang Hera as his weapon is basically the focal of the series. These motivations and the nature of their relationships are very volatile as with all revenge narratives. It would certainly be interesting how their singular catalyst for revenge gets meshed into and how it can influence the whole storyline.




Notable also in this episode is the fact that Min Joon possibly might be feeling some amount concern for Kang Hera. Min Joon’s conversation with his assistant Do Yoon showed us that. The last scene of this episode amplifies this possibility. What would happen if his feelings for her grow? How will it affect his plans? If these feelings extend to love, will it quench their vengeful hearts or will it only be a cause for destruction?


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