Thematic lines: Hera, The Goddess of Revenge (Episode 6)

Episode 6

It’s your choice. Will you let them exploit you and give up on your life? Or will you ask for help?

Choices. The lines mouthed by Kang Hera during her visit with Jeong Woo exemplifies this idea. In the previous episode Kang Hera declined to take the case of Jeong Woo. But in this episode she took it after seeing the gravity of what the loan sharks can do to Jeong Woo and to other victims of Mr. Choi. She was presented with a choice and she decided to help them. This statement also applies to Hera herself. She made the choice of asking for help to get back at the people who stepped on her. She accepted the help given by Eun Hae and Min Joon. She could have said no but she decided to take it.



Kim Tae On’s visit to Min Joon is also an example of choice. The latter set in motion the wheels of his plan by offering his assistance to Kim Tae On in bringing her father down. Tae On was given a choice- an “alliance” if you will, though as viewers we know it is a fake one. Min Joon also offered the same “alliance” to Sang Goo. These array of choices are vehicles for this narrative to move forward. How each character decides which choice to take determines the path their development can take shape. It will also tell us or at least give us a perspective on how certain elements in the story unfolds. Each choice the characters make predetermines the next course of action and scene sequences the story will take in the succeeding episodes.


Let’s wait and see how these choices made by these characters determines their future in this series…


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