Thematic lines: Hera, The Goddess of Revenge (Episode 5)

Episode 5

If she is the sword, I should hold on to it as long as I can. So when I’m done with it… I can break it into pieces.

The struggle of Kang Hera and Song Seung Woo in episode 4 continued in this episode of which the latter’s hold to power is finally put to rest. The livestream that Kang Hera made during the assault became the tool in unmasking Song Seung Woo. What’s interesting about this episode is the fact that it presented characters with stories to tell too. The narrative is expanding. The sons of the truck driver who accidentally helped the sister of Cha Min Joon escaped from her assailants which resulted to his death when the truck crashed were introduced. What role the story has in store for them is something to look out for.


Notable in this episode though is the line made by Min Joon. His motives of using Kang Hera to achieve his goals are now clear. The only problem with this is the fact that after he uses Kang Hera, he will get rid of her. Slowly, the motives of each character action are in place. The establishment of Hera in some level of power is also in place after her successful mission of exposing Song Seung Woo’s true face. She even has a business card made by her partner Eun Hae in the expose.



In episode 4, we have stated that Min Joon is pulling the major strings of the narrative and it turns out that he truly does based on this episode. Him using Hera served its purpose. President Sang Goo remains the president of the insurance company; and now we see them heading to step two of their plan which will be concerning the two brothers left by the truck driver who died in the back story of the previous episode. The connection of Hera, Min Joon, and Ee Hyeon is also getting clearer as we have seen how Ee Hyeon got Hera her job. This web in their relationship proves to be the vehicle for Min Joon in his pursuits and revenge plan. However, the last scene of episode 5 might create a turnaround on Min Joon’s disadvantage as Kim Tae On paid him a visit and Hera is put in a difficult situation with the loan sharks that Jeong Woo is indebted with. Will Hera turn out to be a double edge sword? Will Min Joon be the sword’s wielder all throughout?


Let’s wait and see how the questions posed by this episode are answered by the next one…


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