Thematic lines: Hera, The Goddess of Revenge (Episode 4)

Episode 4

Have you ever had a puppy? When you have a puppy at home, they sometimes ground their teeth. That’s when it needs something to focus on or it’ll tear the sofa apart when the owner is out of the house. Then you have to punish them, but it’ll break your heart.

Control – That is what this episode is about. We have seen some of the strings that are pulled to instigate control. Kim Tae On, as shown in the pictures with the statements that she made in that scene perfectly reflects how she can control Hoon Seok. It was clear that it was she who spilled the confidential information about his abuse in his marriage with Kang Hera to the media for him to be put in a corner. He was that dog in her analogy. From these sequences, she has him on a leash.



Moreover, Hera’s first mission to secure the necessary information from Director Song’s office to reveal who he truly is is still control- by learning his true colors that of being the sexual predator that he is, they will be finally able to punish him and give his victims the justices that they were denied of. Mr. Song Seung Woo for his part is a man who wants control. His predatory actions towards his secretaries all boils down to sexual control. It is interesting to note though that with all the revelations of control in this episode, the role of Min Joon certainly is of greater value since if we look at it, he too is pulling all the strings. The entanglement of these characters allowed this show and this episode especially a level of plot complexity that creates character development that is unexpected and a plotline that is more dynamic.


It would certainly be exciting how the play of control plays out in the succeeding episodes. Will Song Seung Woo be finally punished for his actions. Will his control end? Will Kim Tae On pull more strings and how will Kang Hera cut those strings and control the narratives phase herself?


What are your thoughts? Comment below and let’s discuss…


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