Thematic lines: Hera, The Goddess of Revenge (Episode 10)

Stagnant water is bound to rot.

The prologue scene in episode 1 has finally come to light in this episode. It has finally shed light why Ee-Hyeon was being chased and why she gave the child to Kang Hera. However, this revelation put some restrictions on Kang Hera’s expose with Sang Goo since he is the father of Ga On and that the child might be put in a harm’s way if involved. We have also witnessed the dialogue of Min Joon and Kang Hera with the latter relating the story of why she has exposed Ee-Hyeon and her discovery of Ga On’s pain and sadness while in Canada.



But what is notable in this episode is the schemes that Tae-on are making to expose her father’s corruption. She and the company’s broadcast channel reporter exchanged lines about how a stagnant water is bound to rot referring to Sang Goo. This line makes a significant factor in the story as we have seen secrets gradually coming to light. When something becomes rotten, it will surely reverberate. Same is true with the schemes of the major villains in this show. A downfall is imminent. The show is nearing its climactic points and we are now seeing the pieces coming together.



From this, we can expect more character collisions and more narrative pieces appearing. Soon, we shall find the characters that will rot and are bound to be eliminated from the storyline.


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