“Sisyphus: The Myth” Explained – What We Know for Sure

After the 7th and 8th episodes of Sisyphus, some elements of the series’ narrative became clearer and some questions were answered. Seo-hae and Han Tae-sul’s character motivations are gradually taking foot. The plot also revealed elements providing the vehicle for the narrative to roll. However, there are also questions that are still unanswered; but there are definitely things in the drama that we know for sure based on the aired 8 episodes.


Here’s what I think we know for sure from the series:


1. Seo-hae’s life mission

From the recent two episodes, especially the last scene of episode 8, Seo-hae’s mission became clearer – the reason why she has to travel in the past. The letter from the Seo-hae in the past cemented that mission for Seo-hae. How she keeps Tae-sul alive to change the course of time became the central element of the series. Watching this unfold, how they struggle through the flow of time, would be very exciting.


Seo-hae looking sadly at a photograph sent by her past self (Photo from JTBC)


2. Changing time as the central thematic element

The show  keeps on jumping from present to future and from this narrative transitions, we can safely deduce that the series’ themes centers on time and how it can be changed. Seo-hae and Tae-sul’s characters hold the answer or solution as to how the impending war can be stopped thus altering the course of time. 


For some viewers, this narrative focus of Sisyphus might be very confusing, as there exists a Seo-hae in the future but also a Seo-hae in the present. The overlapping of time in the show is a necessary element that drives the plot points of Sisyphus since it is time that the characters seek to change. Will an alteration from the present change the events of the future? This I believe is the most important motive question posed by the series and definitely allowing the climatic elements to take form.


Han Tae-sul taking good care of Seo-hae after their skirmish with an enemy while looking for the man who seemed to control everything (Photo from JTBC)


3. Connection of Sisyphus from the Greek Mythology and the thematic pursuits of the drama

In episode 8, while Seo-hae and Tae-sul are on a hunt for the enigmatic man who seemed to hold all the answers to all that has happened, they found a painting in the hotel room they believed to be the room the man they are looking for is staying and Tae-sul recognized the painting as an image of Sisyphus. He then explained to Seo-hae the predicament that Sisyphus has – how he was punished eternally. But this was cut short when presumably, the ‘man’ who owns the room attempts to open the door, thus, the chase that ensued. 


Seo-hae and Tae-sul attempting to strike a deal with Mr. Park (Photo from JTBC)


From this scene, we now know that Sisyphus from the Greek Mythology represents a character in the drama. His predicament and his eternal punishment relates in some way to the themes of the show. Remember that Sisyphus was punished by Zeus because he cheated death. In the drama, Seo-hae and Tae-sul are doing everything they can to alter the future, making them in some way, cheaters of death since they wanted to stop the war that will kill everyone.


Surely, the show is getting more interesting every episode. The revelation of the man from the future intent on taking hold of Tae-sul and the uploader’s blueprint shaped the major plot conflict of the show. How the protagonists triumph over this man will be the answer to the motive question I have posed. 


It surely goes without saying that Sisyphus: The Myth is becoming one hell of a drama ride from past to present and into the dystopian future.


What about you? What are your thoughts? Comment below and let’s have a discussion…


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