“Mouse” Explained: What We Know for Sure

With six episodes already aired, this drama is seriously giving its viewers a heart attack. The cat and mouse chase that this series is serving is so good that you certainly don’t want to miss how the plot unfolds with every episode.

With almost halfway through the series, there are revelations worth mentioning albeit the motive question I have posed in my First Impressions on Mouse is still unanswered.

But for all the twists and turns and the edge of the seat chase, there are things in the plot that we know for sure.

Here are some of them:   

The Serial Killer’s Identity in ‘Mouse’

In the first and second episodes of Mouse, there are very telling elements that conveyed to us that the killer child is Han Seo-Joon’s son and that the child became a murderer just like his father.

This we all know as Dr. Sung Yo-Han. He made true the supposition that the said psychopathic genes have the ability to make one a killer, at least on his character. 

 Jung Ba-Reum running Dr. Sung Yo-Han | Mouse, Kdrama

It’s actually a very interesting revelation that the main villain of the series is already revealed early on.

By doing so, the narrative made  literary developments that allow for some twists and turns which we have seen in the last two episodes, especially the last few minutes of episode six.  

The Killer’s Motives

From what is revealed in episode five and the succeeding plot turnarounds in episode six, we now know the reason why Dr. Sung Yo-Han is killing people. It’s a very interesting psychosis and killing motive.

His hate towards God compelled him to play god by murdering people who follow his orders.

The added layer of the children’s stories as part of his motive was very smart as these stories contain lessons of Poetic Justice. The killer is performing his own twisted version of Poetic Justice. 

My Uncertainties with the Lead’s Future Character Developments

As certain as I am with the facts of the first two, my uncertainty with what’s to come next is as strong.

It should have been worth celebrating that the characters have finally able to piece things together and found out Dr. Sung Yo-Han’s true face.

However, the cliff-hanger in episode six and the action of Lee Seung-gi’s character created questions. His character that seemed pure in the previous episodes regardless of the genes that he possesses are in a way thwarted by what he did towards the end of episode six. What he did to that bird was chilling. However, I also want to give his character the benefit of the doubt until things in the plot play out.

Presently, the drama posed some questions. Will Jung Ba-Reum take a dark turn with what happened to him. Did his encounter with Dr. Sung Yo-Han trigger his psychopathic genes? With Producer Choi Hong-Ju possibly pregnant presumably with Dr. Sung Yo-Han’s child, continue the psychopathic line?

These added layers to the show certainly makes Mouse a deserving Kdrama to spend time on.

This Kdrama series is constantly living up to its narrative pursuits of morbidity, gut-wrenching, heart stopping, cat and mouse chase of a show. If you haven’t binged this yet, you may want to start now…

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