First Impressions on Sisyphus: The Myth

When it was announced months ago that Park Shin Hye will star in JTBC’s latest drama entitled Sisyphus: The Myth, I was very elated, ecstatic even. I instantly racked my brain as to what the title could mean especially so that the name exists in Greek Mythology as well as in Albert Camus’ philosophical essay. How can a Greek Mythological character that was punished by the gods to roll a boulder for eternity be related in the series’ title? Furthermore, how can Albert Camus’ philosophical essay that tackles the ‘absurd’ of life and the conflicting views of the universe be used as the show’s title?


Sysiphus: The Myth Promotional Poster, Photo from JTBC


The questions stated above made me all the more interested in the series. So, when it finally aired, I excitedly went to Netflix and binged; and I was not disappointed. The show’s pilot started off intense and opened a lot of questions which hooked me instantly! The story provided a sense of mystery surrounding the characters and the setting that they are in.


When a show creates an atmosphere of mystery and poses plot questions on the pilot alone, then that show will automatically be worthy of my time and that’s what Sisyphus: The Myth made me feel when it premiered not to mention the beauty of the cinematic effects and the characters with a lot of potential to be dynamic and not linear.


Still scenes of Park Shin Hye as Kang Seo Hae from the Korean Drama Sisyphus: The Myth
Photo from JTBC


The subject of the series that seemed to deal with time travels with a hint of post- apocalyptic tone made it even more interesting for me. From the aired two episodes, we can safely assume that this will be a fast phased show- another big check in my Korean drama choices added to the fact that the show clearly requires astuteness while viewing because of the supposed layers and thematic complexities that will unfold as the story progresses as foreshadowed in the pilot and the second episode.


In general, it was a successful premier. It allowed the show the right wings to take the narrative to take flight in unfolding its plot and thematic pursuits. It would certainly be very interesting to watch the series provide answers in the succeeding episodes. This will definitely be worthy of our monthly Netflix subscription…


Still scenes of Jo Seung Woo as Han Tae Sul from the Korean Drama Sisyphus: The Myth
Photo from JTBC


What about you? Did you find the premier worth your while too? Are you as hooked as I was? Did you have plot questions as well?


First Impressions on the Korean Drama Sisyphus: The Myth
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