First Impressions on “Mouse”

Since Vagabond, I have come to love Lee Seung-gi. I am one of the K-drama fans who are waiting for his new drama to be released; so, when Mouse was already available in IQIYI, I was very pleased and excited. This new drama from TvN is one that would really put you off your seats, make your heart race and spin your head off- in a weirdly good way.


The series tackles the intricate minds of psychopaths and how they pose dangers in society. What makes this premise more interesting was the concept of the psychopathic genes that are said to exist in psychopaths and how this biological deviation creates the serial killers that roam amidst us. 


Mouse Promotional Poster (Photo from TvN)


The first episode alone was intense that while I was watching it I can’t help but feel anger, frustrations, and hopelessness for the characters that fall prey to the killer. The sequences in the pilot are perfect in allowing the viewers to get hooked regardless that the drama delves into a very serious and sensitive issue. Moreover, the twist that episode two holds creates a literary dynamic between the two forces governing the drama as symbolized by the two opposing characters- that of Lee Seung-gi’s and the killer.


It seemed as if these two characters are fated in some way because of the genes that they have (This is my humble inference from the last frames of episode 2). The series from these two episodes alone allowed me to question myself concerning how our biological traits may or may not define us. Are our actions dictated in some ways by our genetic composition? Is it possible, supposing the idea is right concerning the ‘killer’ genes, that one can go against it? 


Plot wise, tone and mood, and the establishment of the thematic elements as well as characters that are motivated because of their past, I say this series will give us a good ride. This will certainly be a very engaging show, worthy to binge. If you’re up for some thrill, suspense, and some violence, Mouse is perfect for you. 


What about you? Have you streamed it already? Did you hate or love it? Share your thoughts below and let’s have a discussion… 


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