5 Times Song Joongki had us clapping for praise in Vincenzo

By now we can all agree that Vincenzo is one of the hottest and most viewed dramas right now. In Netflix, it has never left the top 10 shows in the Philippines. Not only that, in the recent survey done by Nielsen Korea, Vincenzo has landed a 10.572% nationwide viewership in South Korea for its 16th episode. We can all put it on how the story is beautifully written and how the characters are so dynamic with its unique combination of action, thrill, suspense, violence, and comedy.


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Moreover, the man who has done so much and has taken the drama in its glory, is truly worth mentioning with all the praises therein. Without a doubt, Song Joongki is magnificent in portraying a role that is charismatically villainous yet funny and has a warm heart deep down the mafia aura; that is why it is not a shocker that he got nominated for the 57th Baeksang Awards for Best Actor in a Drama Series. As an avid follower of the drama, we can’t help but acknowledge the things that Song Joongki did that had us clapping for praises.


So, here are the things 5 things SJK had us clap for praises:



1. Him speaking Italian


As a consiglieri of the mafia it is just imperative that one learns how to speak Italian and SJK in this drama is adept in it. True that his Korean accent would seep sometimes, but when he makes Italian statements whenever he is mad or when he wants to lash out, it sounds so sexy. For an Asian actor to be given a role that requires to speak a western language, Italian at that, which is very far from what Korean is, we can’t help but applaud him for that.


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2. His immaculate and impeccable suits


One of the attention grabbing things in Vincenzo is the wardrobe of the male leads especially that of Song Joongki’s. We don’t know who the designer of those outfits is but damn! He or she knows the art of suit-making. They are immaculate and truly impeccable that we want to own one of those not that we can wear it daily in the humid weather of the Philippines but yes owning one would be a dream!


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Taecyeon’s and Kwak Dong-Yeon’s outfits are also worth noting. The dashing, clean, and rich look that they were gunning for are on point because of how well-made the suits are. Clothes signify social status and with Vincenzo, the suits truly amplify that idea. It’s as if the clothes that these characters wear are part of the totality of the character- a mouthpiece of some sort. Gorgeous indeed!


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3. Him trying to gay flirt


As a fan of BL (Boy’s Love) stories we can’t help but be swooned in a funny way how SJK played out the scenes where he has to flirt with the President of Shinkwang Bank and Finance. 😆 The way he was forced into doing it and how he acted to carry out the plan was very hilarious. The intention of making the scene awkward and funny was successful, so that’s another. 👏


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4. His fighting skills


Whenever he unleashes his mafia side, we are all for it. How he delivers those punches and kicks are so damn good! Episode 16 was powerful proof to what his character can do to people who push him to his limits. Single handedly beating all the guards of Han-seok was truly a mafia scene we have seen in the movies; that ending scene was very satisfying!


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5. Him playing the shaman


The gay flirting was already awkwardly funny, but it has nothing compared to how he played the fake shaman to manipulate the CEO of Daily News 😂. The malice behind the act coupled with the acting of his two accomplices made the scene all the funnier. At this point, Joongki has really proven his versatility as an actor. He has done so much for this drama. Winning that award from the Baeksang Awards would really be worth it.


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There you have it! The 5 things Song Joongki had us clapping for joy and applauding his acting skills. Do you also have a list of the highlights of his acting in Vincenzo? Let us know below and let’s talk…


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    • Yes! How he suppressed his tears and his emotions so as not to reveal himself yet to no avail because the tears kept pouring was superb!


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