Our 2020 Skincare Empties

2020 is almost over and before it finally ends we at HanaDulSes would like to share with you the skincare products that have become our company through this trying year. The products that you will see below have been the savior and comfort of our skin as well as some which we did not love so much. 2020 might be the worst year that we have seen so far but it should not mean that our skin health should be compromised as well.


These empties range from brands that we have put our trust on that is why we have consumed them down to the last drop. From toners, essences, serums, creams and to sunscreens, we have all the empties. Personally, we were a bit shocked that we have consumed so much over the course of this year. We were actually laughing looking at the amount of products we have tried and tested on. We were asking ourselves where did we get the money we used to purchase these. 🤣


You will see multiple products from the same brand which testifies the love that we had for that product. However, you will also see products that we have only purchased once; products that are now a staple in our routine and that we presently can’t live without as well as products that are decent but did not do much as we think it would yet used it anyway since throwing it would be such a waste.


Cleansers from Banila CO., Krave Beauty, Cosrx, and Innisfree


Toners and Essences from Cosrx, Benton, Purito, and Laneige


Moisturizers and Serums from I’m From, Cosrx, and Purito


Sunscreens from Cosrx and Purito


These products are from reputable and cult favorite brands in Korean skincare. We have empties on COSRX, Purito, Innisfree, Krave Beauty, Laneige, I’m From, Nacific and Banilla Co. You might be wondering how on earth did we get to know these brands and their products. The answer is, none other than from the skincare vloggers that we follow and put our trust on. James Welsh, Hyram, Susan Yara, Liah Yoo (who is the CEO of Krave Beauty), Cassandra Bankson, Kelly Driscoll, and Beauty Within are the ones that helped us discover these skincare treasures.


Cosrx empties


Purito empties


Various other brands (*We mistakenly included The Inkey List Bakuchiol in the photo which is not a Korean brand)


These products might be a great introduction into your K-skin adventure as most of these are really effective and have really amazing formulations. If you are into skincare already, you may want to try some of these products and together we will welcome great skin days ahead. But, remember that skincare is personal. What worked for us, may not work for you. Different people, different skin needs.


We hope that this article will help you get started in your skincare journey. As this year comes to an end, may we achieve the best in everything that we do and together let us greet 2021 with rigor and more self-love. To Better skin days ahead! Cheers!


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