Is Korean skincare worth it?

Before I discovered Korean skincare, I was into the western drugstore brands that are available in the market like Pond’s, Nivea, Olay, and St. Ives. Looking back, I did enjoy these brands and their products especially so that they are the only ones that I can afford at that time. But with efficacy wise, I didn’t get the skin I wanted to have perhaps because I did not discover sunscreen yet or the formulations are not as innovative as with Korean skincare.


So when the hype of Korean skincare was on the rise, I rode the bandwagon train and I am definitely not getting down. It is now my second year of using Korean skincare in my routine and it has done nothing but good things to my skin. I have never felt and looked more radiant, glowy, and skin healthy as I am now.




People around me would tell me that I look way younger now than I was before. Hearing them say those things is a manifestation that the products I am using are effective and that I got my money’s worth.


So, if you ask me if Korean skincare is worth it? The answer is a DEFINITE YES!


Here are the three reasons why:


1. Innovative formulations that deliver a high efficacy rate


Ingredients wise, Korean skincare products are way above Western brands. Skincare companies in South Korea incorporate ingredients that one might think are not possible ingredients for skincare and yet it works; take mushroom and snail mucin for example. South Korea established the ‘Skin First Philosophy’ and this philosophy translates into how they formulate skincare products.


These brands harness the nutrients and the benefits found in nature and concoct them into one good product is something that I am really in awe. If you check your K-skin bottles you will likely see different forms of plant extracts and other amazing ingredients mixed with forms of B vitamins which are all skin loving ingredients; and what’s good about these is that they really provide you the benefit they claim to provide.


Moreover, the competency in Korean skincare in South Korea is also really high. The skincare market in their country alone is saturated. So, these brands would really put up the best products that they can offer to keep their market happy and satisfied. In addition, the texture and feel of the products in Korean skincare are simply the best. Products are formulated in a way that the skin can easily absorb it and that layering will not be a problem. You can really tell that the chemists and formulators are thinking about your skin when they are making the products.



2. Great packaging


One thing I have observed is how Korean skincare brands packaged their products. Considering the reasonable price point of the majority of these products, the packaging is really done so well. I’m a sucker for good packaging. In fact, I get scammed more often because of packaging. 😅 From the color themes to the bottles – they are on point for a relatively cheaper price at that!


It feels like you are using a luxury brand when in truth you are not. Though, of course there are also luxury brands in Korean skincare. So, apart from the amazing formulation, you also get good packaging. You certainly get your money’s worth.



3. Gentle formulations


Since the ethos of ‘Skin First Philosophy’ is deeply rooted in Korean skincare, the formulations of these products are very skin friendly. They don’t strip you dry or aggressively peel you off. Even the exfoliants (AHAs and BHAs) are formulated so gently that when you apply the product it feels like nothing and yet you can absolutely see the results after continued use.


This gentle formulation truly respects our skin whilst providing the benefits and results as promised. For the two years that I have been using Korean skincare products, I can really attest to how gentle but efficacious the products are.



These are my main reasons why Korean skincare is truly worth it. I have never been this content and happy when it comes to doing my routine day and night. Korean skincare has become my stress reliever. Everytime I face the mirror and start my routine, I am happy knowing that the products that I am using are effective and that I really got my money’s worth.


I hope this article helps in any way about your concerns on the worthiness of Korean skincare and together let us emulate the Korean ethos of Skin First Philosophy for that radiant, glowy, and healthier skin that we always wanted!


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