4 Times Gaho Proves He Can Slay a BlackPink Song

Kpop Singer Gaho who constantly delivers epic Blackpink Covers

It is a very rare thing to see a male K-Pop artist covering a female artist’s song, much more a girl group as famous and as powerful as Black Pink. Yet, this is something that Gaho constantly slays. Since his debut, he has made four highly lauded and amazing covers of Black Pink that would make the girls run for their money! Check out the best of Gaho’s BlackPink covers here.

Top 5 Best Live Vocals of K-pop – Mara’s Choice

So last week, Von shared his top 5 vocals for live performances in K-pop and I have to say I hands down agree with all his choices. But of course that is expected because we typically share our K-pop song discoveries almost everyday – I introduced him to IU and he introduced me to Gaho and this scenario keeps on repeating almost everyday! I laughed at how he struggled cutting down his list down to 5…

Top 5 Best Live Vocals of K-pop – Von’s Choice

There are a myriad of talented artists in K-Pop no wonder this genre of music is amassing huge fanbases across the globe. With talent, there is absolutely no question, but when it comes to the most powerful and moving vocals in K-Pop, there are certainly artists who set the bar and are apart from the rest. As a fan of K-Pop, I have made a ranking of what I believe are the best live vocal performances so far…

Best of Gaho – Our Playlist

Strong and Powerful vocals – these are the words that I would describe Gaho. I started listening to his music after hearing Star Over, the OST for the highly successful Korean Drama Itaewon Class which starred Park Soo Joon. I was playing that song on Spotify non-stop. Since then, his songs are on constant repeat on my Spotify playlist.

BTS BE Album Unboxing: First K-Pop album and K-Pop Merch

Being a BTS stan for years now, it has always been my dream to purchase and own an album or any merchandise from them. For years since I knew about them and their body of work, I can only watch with longing with a tinge of envy towards other fans who are doing their own unboxing and posting pictures with their BTS merch purchases.

Best of BTOB – Our Playlist

K-pop has been initially popularized internationally by songs with colorful, upbeat and danceable music paired with slick choreography. This is why when I first heard of the ballad song “It’s Okay” by a K-pop group, BTOB, I was very surprised and because of my irredeemable preference for ballad music, I got immediately hooked…

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020 Winners

MAMA or Mnet Asian Music Awards is an annual Year-end award that recognizes the body of work of artists in South Korea. It started in 1999 as Mnet Music Video Daesang and was changed into the present MAMA in 2009 signaling new frontiers in the music scene as it presently recognizes artists from all-over Asia. Here are the winners of MAMA 2020:

Winners for the Melon Music Awards 2020

Melon Music Awards is an annual music awards in South Korea and is organized by Kakao M through its online music platform Melon. This was first awarded in 2009 with Girls Generation as the first recipients of the coveted Artist of the Year and Song of the Year Awards. Melon Music awards 2020 began 3 days ago, December 2, and here are the winners since Day 1.

Best of BTS – Our Playlist

If you are new to BTS and their body of work, you will certainly drown on how extensive their discography is. To date, they have a total of 182 Korean tracks from 30 Albums including the Japanese releases, special editions and the repackaged ones…