Korean Skincare Products We Love and Enjoy at the Moment

As skincare junkies, we have tried numerous skincare products. We continuously search for that perfect formula that will bring the best results for our skin. Trying-out skincare products has become a hobby for us. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, it’s a mantra and a lifestyle so to speak; and in our search for the best Korean skincare products out there we have made some great discoveries that we have and are continuously loving and enjoying. Upon our discovery of these products, they have become a staple in our respective routines…

Say Goodbye to Dullness and Get that Dewy Look with this Korean Skincare Routine

Dewy skin is a sign of healthy skin. At this time where there is not a shortage of skincare products in the market, achieving that youthful glow is not impossible. All you need is the perfect layering and combination of products with the right ingredients that hydrate, nourish, and moisturize. Here is a detailed night routine that will help you get that dewy look you’ve always wanted. So, Read, Learn, and say goodbye to dullness…

Is Korean skincare worth it?

Before I discovered Korean skincare, I was into the western drugstore brands that are available in the market like Pond’s, Nivea, Olay, and St. Ives. Looking back, I did enjoy these brands and their products especially so that they are the only ones that I can afford at that time. But with efficacy wise, I didn’t get the skin I wanted to have perhaps because I did not discover sunscreen yet or the formulations are not as innovative as with Korean skincare.

Rejuvenating Sets and What You Might Be Doing Wrong

Rejuvenating sets in the Philippines have become a staple skincare regimen for the working class who wanted to achieve a glass and fairer skin without budget compromise. However, as highly effective these rejuvenating sets are, there are dangers that we should not set aside. In this post, let’s have a closer look and find out what rejuvenating sets are, and most common rejuvenating set bad side effects you need to know before you even decide to trust your skin into this product.

My Tri-defense Formula Against the Sun in my Skincare Routine

It’s a fact that the sun is the main cause of aging and skin discoloration. As much as it provides us with the beneficial vitamin D, it also is our skin’s worst enemy. So, protecting our skin against the damaging effects of the sun is imperative if you want to retain that youthful glow and age well. I discovered this combination a year ago but I only started using the products this year…

Going EXTRA with the 10 step Korean Skincare Routine

The 10-step skincare routine had made quite a frenzy over the skincare community. Influencers, YouTube vloggers, Bloggers, and famous personalities have had their share of experience in the routine. For people who are new to skincare and even those already in the skincare game, this routine is pretty long, time-consuming, and a splurge with the amount of products that one has to use. 

Korean Sunscreens Under Fire and Why it’s a Good Thing

Korean sunscreens are famous for their amazing formulations infused with other beneficial ingredients, consistencies that almost feel like your lightweight moisturizer, and the absorption rates that leave no whitecast behind. These are some of the major factors that drive a lot of skincare enthusiasts to put their money on Korean sunscreen brands.

Our 2020 Skincare Empties

2020 is almost over and before it finally ends we at HanaDulSes would like to share with you the skincare products that have become our company through this trying year. The products that you will see below have been the savior and comfort of our skin as well as some which we did not love so much…