K-drama First Impressions: At a Distance, Spring is Green

“At a Distance, Spring is Green” is a slice-of-life and coming-of-age Korean Drama based on the webtoon of the same name. With the theme of “Life is a comedy from a distance, but a tragedy up close”, this Korean drama series aims to bring a realistic representation of youth – the colors and grays that those who are in their 20s must go through each day despite the presumed beauty of being young. It centers around the life of the foregoing characters, their personal struggles, and I believe, how they will be able to withstand and survive their adversities in life with the support of each other.

Top 5 Best Live Vocals of K-pop – Mara’s Choice

So last week, Von shared his top 5 vocals for live performances in K-pop and I have to say I hands down agree with all his choices. But of course that is expected because we typically share our K-pop song discoveries almost everyday – I introduced him to IU and he introduced me to Gaho and this scenario keeps on repeating almost everyday! I laughed at how he struggled cutting down his list down to 5…

K-drama Review: “She Would Never Know”

“Sunbae, Don’t Put on That Lipstick”, or more known as “She Would Never Know” to international viewers, is a recently concluded drama by JTBC starring Kim Rowoon and Won Jin-ah. It is a drama adaptation of a 2017 web novel by Elizeu.

K-drama Review: “Live On”

“Live On” is an 8-episode mini-drama series that aired on JTBC from November 17, 2020 to January 12, 2021. The story centers around Baek Ho-rang, a famous high-schooler and a social media princess with 170,000 SNS followers, and Ko Eun-taek, the respected and meticulous captain of Seoyeon High Broadcasting Club.

Top 7 Korean Drama Lines That Might Confuse Newbie Viewers

Because of the cultural difference, there will be lines in Korean drama that might not make full sense or important scenes we cannot fully appreciate unless we do some research and learn the “whys” behind such lines and scenes. As your rookie guide to Korean dramas, we have compiled a list of common K-drama lines that usually give that instant “culture shock” to a newbie K-drama viewer.

Best of BTOB – Our Playlist

K-pop has been initially popularized internationally by songs with colorful, upbeat and danceable music paired with slick choreography. This is why when I first heard of the ballad song “It’s Okay” by a K-pop group, BTOB, I was very surprised and because of my irredeemable preference for ballad music, I got immediately hooked…